Welcome Go Green Parveen Travels

We, at AB Business Enterprises, are responsible corporate citizens. We believe that every small ‘GREEN’ step taken today would go a long way in building a greener future and that each one of us can work towards a better global environment. ‘Go Green’ is an initiative that moves beyond moving ourselves, our processes and our customers to cost efficient automated channels to building awareness and consciousness of our environment, our nation and our society. Off lately we have seen a lot of disasters happening due to various reason, If we can give a deep thought for all the natural disasters, it is only due to Pollution & other toxic contamination through many Industries and manufacturing units been established in City. We get too immersed in our lives to understand the harm we are impacting on the society. Look around you. The trees and space around which we grew up is no longer available. It is replaced by the tall buildings and huge vehicles. Space has become a luxury today. Every year, the number of trees around us is slowly disappearing and the pollution caused due to various sources is on the rise. Thanks to the urbanization, we are slowly migrating to a treeless age. The Natural resources are slowly dwindling along with the quality of life. We understand the importance of protecting our environment and the impact it has on our daily lives. Instead of Cribbing we have taken this issue in our hands and started the Go Green Initiative. Even a small change can make a big impact in the start today.

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